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HopLocal offers two different kinds of experiences:

Experiences on Instant Confirmation will be automatically confirmed at the chosen date and time with the selected host.

Experiences on Request are subject to the host confirmation based on their own availability, or on the availability of the activity or the tickets, when relevant. 

Once the booking is finalized every guest receives a confirmation email. You will be able to find the booking details by logging in to your HopLocal account.

You can find the reservation status of your booking in your booking overview, on your HopLocal profile. The following are the different reservation statuses: 

  • Confirmed – your booking is confirmed and the experience will take place under the established date and time.
  • Booking requested – you have sent a request to book an ‘on request’ experience, your host can confirm, or reject your booking. 
  • Booking declined – the host of your choice was not available and declined your booking request. 
  • Booking expired – your selected host did not confirm your booking request within 24 hours and the booking expired. 
  • Cancelled – unfortunately, your booking got canceled and will not take place. Please take a look at our cancellation policy for more details.



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