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The success of your offer is subjected to several elements:

  • Theme of the experience you offer. Take a look at what else is offered in your city and try to create an original program around the topic of your choice. Select something that you are passionate about to make it exciting for yourself and your guests! Let it be a history or art tour, food experience or city by night – make it authentic and unique with unexpected stops and an original itinerary.
  • Pricing. Think of a competitive and attractive price for your offer. We highly recommend to base your price on the shared expenses you have per booking and expenses you have per guest. In addition, check the competition and what prices they offer. 
  • Duration of the experience. Think of the duration that would fit your experience best and would be the most convenient to your guests. Most of our guests are looking for activities that are up to 3 hours long unless it is a day trip or layover tour. 
  • Uniqueness. Have an outstanding idea that nobody else can offer? Are you a graffiti master and want to invite people to create a piece together or maybe you’re a home chef and want to invite your guests to your personal kitchen to taste the treasures of your local cuisine? We are always looking for something extra special! 
  • Instant Booking feature will make your offer more attractive to the guests! 
  • Great photos. Some clear photos showing yourself and the activity you will be offering. 



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