Our story

Parmeet and Marju met each other in the autumn of 2019 and were discussing the fun aspects of their jobs. Soon they discovered the common motivational factor for a good team work and that was their team events. 

However, organising a cool team event that everyone likes is a time consuming and challenging task. They realised that organising one event was taking a few hours of their productive work time and they have to do it every month. Thinking about the new activity options every month, pricing, availability, reservation and processing the invoice is also quite stressful. Later they found that it’s not only their problem but is being faced by many.

Team event plays a vital role is improving the team harmony and bonding. Especially in the post COVID world where teams are working remotely, team events have become even more special and necessary to up-bring the team vibe.


Founded in 2021 by Parmeet, a hospitality expert from India and Marju, the techstar from Estonia decided to solve this global problem. They created HopLocal to help the team managers and people operation teams in finding the right team event in just under one minute.

As the founders say – on a mission to make team events more fun and hassle-free.

What makes HopLocal special?

Creating a sense of being welcomed is what makes the HopLocal community so special. Being a guest or the host, everyone has the unique opportunity to make others feel respected and comfortable.

By joining our community you will be meeting people from around the world. Hosts of HopLocal are amazing folks who will ensure you spend the quality time with your team. At HopLocal we appreciate all people, all cultures, and everything the world has to offer!

We believe that celebrating the diversity of our team, the local hosts’ community, and all of our guests, will make the world a better place, and prompt the change we all want to see. To connect with people and cultures, it is crucial that we understand each other and celebrate our diverse background, include all points of view, and ultimately create an equitable environment where we can all thrive.

For this reason, our team has taken on the development of diversity, equity, and inclusion within HopLocal, as well as externally.



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