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Welcome to HopLocal! A tool designed to help you organizing your team event hassle-free.

We understand that team events aren’t just occasions; they’re the cornerstone of a motivated workforce, fostering engagement, communication, and a sense of belonging. 

Choose from our wide range of team building experiences:

  • Adventurous outdoor activities to relaxing indoor art workshops
  • Team dinners at popular restaurants to cozy bars for after party drinks.
  • Amazing tour and sightseeing within and outside the city.
  • Ordering delicious team lunch at the office and any event location.
  • Ordering cake and flowers for celebrating birthdays/work anniversaries. 
  • Didn’t find anything suitable- let us know and we will make your special request happen.

Getting started

Create an account

To start using HopLocal, just sign up as a Team member using your work email address. Example:

Add basic details like work email address, phone number, password, and profile pic, etc. Agree to the terms & conditionsThat’s all!

We know your data is private and we believe in keeping it that way. Your data is protected by our privacy policy.

Finding your next team event

Explore all the events on HopLocal or use our filters to simplify your search for finding the best team event activity. 

  • Category– what kind of experience you prefer.
  • Date– When would you like to go for the event.
  • Group size– How many team members will join.
  • City– Where would you like the event to be.

You can use one or multiple filters to narrow down your search.

How to book an event?

Once you have found your favorite activity, booking it is just a few click thing.

Just select the number of people and choose your preferred date/time

You will see the preview of your booking details. Once you confirm it, a booking request will be sent to the host. They will check and respond to it within 24 hours.

You will receive a booking confirmation email once host has accepted your request. In case they can’t host you on the chosen date/time they will decline your request and message you an alternate available time slot.

Payment and invoicing


When you book an event, you will receive an automated email requesting to share your company invoicing details. It includes:

  • Company legal business name
  • Registry code
  • VAT
  • Email address for sending the invoice
  • Reference- department name, cost centre, or user’s name, etc.

Consolidated invoice (recommended)- This unleashes the true power of HopLocal for your company. If you have several teams in your company, they all can sign up and book numerous activities. We will send a simplified consolidated invoice to your finance team in the month end to save their countless manual work hours.


We have two payment options for you:

Bill to company (Recommended)–  Once the host accepts your booking request, your booking will be confirmed. We will send the invoice to your company directly (with you in copy). We offer 14 days due time for your finance team to make the payment. Easy!

Debit/credit card– Once the host accepts your booking request, you will be notified via email to pay and confirm your booking. Just add your card details to pay and confirm your booking.

With HopLocal, unleash the power of curated team events to elevate morale, amplify productivity, and create a thriving, unified workplace culture. Happy team bonding!

If you need any further support, feel free to contact us via live chat or send us an email:



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