Creating an experience

How to create your first listing?

Your listing is how people find you. So to make a great first impression highlight it with your expertise and adding high quality photos.

Perfect your listing with key details

These tips can help make your listings stand out to potential guests in search results.

  • An interesting title for your listing indeed catches the guest eye.
  • Craft a detailed description: Be sure your title and description capture anything guests should know about your experience. For example, one host who offers guitar sessions writes, “Notes of guitar gets better with some Wine.”
  • Good to know: Do not forget to mention included services like free parking, smoking or no-smoking place, kids allowed, and a pet-friendly space, etc. so make sure to list any that you offer.

Use great photos to attract guests

Quality images help showcase your personality and style, so it’s smart to update your photos often and remember to feature certain details. 

  • Pay special attention to the first photo you include. Along with your listing title, this is the first thing guests will notice in search results. “When I look for an HopLocal, I always go straight to the photos. So think about what sets your place apart from others,” says host Marju.
  • Include images of your whole experience. Adding about 3-6 photos of your activity gives guests a virtual tour of the experience.
  • Include images from past experience. Adding images with your past guests will give the real feeling of how your experience would be.

It’s also important to carefully set your calendar and pricing, which helps ensure you only receive the bookings you want, when you want, and at the right price.

  • Calendar settings: Set the minimum and maximum number of hours for your experience a guest can book, carefully choose the breakout time between the same day bookings, and more—all within your calendar settings. Don’t forget to keep your calendar current by blocking dates when you’ll be away or unable to host.
  • Allow instant booking: Guests often search for listings that allows instant booking.
  • Requests to book: If you don’t choose “allow instant booking” option, then it lets you review a booking request before you accept it. Just make sure you respond to the guest within 24 hours.



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