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If you are passionate about what you do and willing to share it with others, you can be the HopLocal host. As a host, you can emphasize on Cross-Cultural Hosting – that means all guests will be welcome no matter where they are from.

Creating a sense of being welcomed is what makes the HopLocal community so special. Being a host, you will have the unique opportunity to showcase your hobbies or cultures to others. Making others feel respected and comfortable is something really important.

Imagine seeing a world where you either know or probably be friends with someone from every city or country you visit. What would that look like around the world? And what would that mean for you? We are on a mission to make team events more fun and hassle-free.

Tips & tricks on how to create a successful experience

Your listing is how people find you. So to make a great first impression highlight it with your expertise and adding high quality photos.

The success of your offer is subjected to several elements:

  • An interesting title for your listing indeed catches the guest eye.
  • Theme of the experience you offer. Take a look at what else is offered in your city and try to create an original program around the topic of your choice. Select something that you are passionate about to make it exciting for yourself and your guests! Let it be a history or art tour, food experience or city by night – make it authentic and unique with unexpected stops and an original itinerary.
  • Great photos- Quality images help showcase your personality and style, so it’s smart to update your photos often and remember to feature certain details.


  • Pricing- Think of a competitive and attractive price for your offer. We highly recommend to base your price on the shared expenses you have per booking and expenses you have per guest. In addition, check the competition and what prices they offer. 
  • Duration of the experience- Think of the duration that would fit your experience best and would be the most convenient to your guests. Most of our guests are looking for activities that are up to 3 hours long unless it is a day trip or layover tour. 
  • Instant Booking feature will make your offer more attractive to the guests. Many guests who book instantly are even more excited for the experience you are offering.
  • Calendar settingsIt’s also important to carefully set your calendar which helps ensure you only receive the bookings when you want. Set the minimum and maximum number of hours for your experience a guest can book, carefully choose the breakout time between the same day bookings, and more—all within your calendar settings. Don’t forget to keep your calendar current by blocking dates when you’ll be away or unable to host.

Happy hosting!



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